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A three-year visual diary documenting a mother with dementia and her life forgotten, poignantly rediscovered through her son’s touchingly created photographs. Artist Tony Luciani shows through a participatory caregiving process that we can all learn to be more willing to help others in times of need and discover profoundly fulfilling joy while doing it.

Click on the link or the image to watch this wonderful story encapsulated in a short incredibly heartwarming video.

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Accredited to www.tedxcambridge.com/talk/a-visual-diary-on-dementia-and-caregiving

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Tag: Caregiver
Caregiver burnout (whether you as a spouse, other family member or employed caregiver caring for someone with dementia) is very real.
We suggest you must try to ensure you find respite wherever and however you can.
Challenging as it can be, please try and keep engaged in hobbies and activities of interest. Keeping involved and in-touch with your interests is vital to managing your own well-being.
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