Community Coaching & Online Empowerment

2020 will see us supporting an incredible community coaching initiative being rolled out by DROP  “Dementia Reach Out Programs” www.drop.org.za; a specialist dementia management entity; along with creating a synergistic online empowerment opportunity.

Getting Involved
Community Coaching

1 : 5.  One community caregiver will receive a FREE day of specialised coaching for every 5 lifetime service provider listings on Find It For Me. 

Initially limited to KZN’s Dolphin Coast, roadmaps are being developed to create a national coaching program.

Online Empowerment

1 : 1.  In addition, Find It For Me will create one FREE online caregiver listing for every paid for lifetime service provider listing. 

Caregivers must have successfully completed a homebased caregivers course or hold an entry level nursing certification to qualify for a free listing.

Members Sponsorship

Find It For Me lifetime members will be fully acknowledged as sponsors, at no extra cost to anyone.

This unique partnership will give families living with dementia greater access to finding care; & provide caregivers with enhanced skills & proficiencies.

Some Facts

Dementia is a terminal condition, creating profoundly challenging social, emotional & financial circumstances for most families. 1 new diagnosis occurs every 3 seconds, equating to a staggering global increase of approx. 28’800 cases every 24 hours. There are currently no known cures.

With limited excellent exceptions, it’s sadly an accepted reality in South Africa we are decades behind in our understanding of dementia, its terribly destructive stigma, denial & guilt connotations, availability of suitable physical care facilities, & acceptable standards of dementia care training (not conventional medical / nursing).

One of a number of DROP’s key outcomes is to provide coaching programs to upskill caregivers with vitally needed specialist skills & proficiencies in this field.


A very personal cause.  3 of 4 parents of Find It For Me’s co-creators have been severely impacted by dementia with 1 already passed, 1 at a very advanced stage & 1 at a very early stage.

Armed with UK trained specialist dementia management know-how, years of direct family care experience & navigating all the pitfalls the condition throws at families living with dementia, Find it For Me’s creators are passionate about helping make a meaningful difference in this field, and on a wider platform, to better connect communities, across the board.