About DROP

DROP’s origins and it’s FIND IT FOR ME www.finditforme.org initiative are a direct result of its founder’s family recently being severely impacted by dementia; and consequently experiencing 3 key challenges among many…

  1. No central community platform directly helping senior citizens access services and resources.
  2. Highly challenging standard of genuinely specialised person-centered care offered by home based and hospital care staff; along with huge stigma & embarrassment barriers.
  3. Lack of loving homestyle dignity-focused respite and convalescing solutions.

Armed with specialist UK developed person-centered care awareness training and knowledge, DROP’s non profit charter has been carefully crafted to… Create resource rich solutions to help senior citizens be better connected within their communities… Upskill and empower  support care staff with specialised person-centered care awareness training… Provide family coaching and counselling programs… Offer community awareness talks and workshops around understanding dementia… and Develop loving home style dignity-focused respite and convalescing solutions.

DROP gratefully welcomes donor support from individuals, communities, businesses and grant organisations to be able to expand and accelerate our work. No government funding is received.