Bringing Support Closer
to Senior Citizens and People
Living with Dementia and Alzheimers




Developing long-term relationships and partnerships with like-minded people, organisations and businesses, to achieve the following key objectives for senior citizens and people living with dementia and alzheimers across all cultures…

1. Bringing support and care closer to those in need by supporting individuals, organisations and business providing essential services.
2. To help create a paradigm shift in thinking and actions around support and care for affected people.
3. Developing community and family education, welfare and respite initiatives.

From WHICHEVER SOURCE BEST SUITES your own unique situation, equipping your toolbox with valuable knowledge, effective tools and positive techniques; is vital to being able to cope with objective, practical and dignified well-being for all.



Dementia doesn’t choose by culture or any other social norm

DROP | Dementia & Alzheimers Reach Out Programs


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Easy Listing Process

Choose Your Plan => Register Your New Account => Confirm Your Plan => Complete Your Listing Form => Add To Cart and Make Payment => Receive Your Listing Approval within 24-48 Hours.

Or download the listing form here (321Kb) and email it back us to at info@drop.org.za once completed.

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