Well-being Solutions for Senior Citizens

Underpinned by Specialist Dementia Management Know-How


Create resource rich solutions to help senior citizens be better connected within their communities…


Upskill care staff with specialised person-centered care awareness skills and training …


Develop loving home style dignity-focused respite and convalescing solutions…

Why Senior Citizen’s Well-Being and Not Just Dementia?

At least 50% of 80 year old’s (the new 60) and above are likely to experience some form of dementia and there is one new dementia diagnosis every 3 seconds worldwide.  Senior citizens well-being and dementia dignity focused care solutions have many crossover synergies… read more.


An initiative brought to you by DROP under our UNITE charter, FIND IT FOR ME has been developed specifically to play a pivotal part in connecting senior citizens, their families and friends to professional services, businesses and resources within their communities.

See more at www.finditforme.org


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