About DROP

DROP is a non-profit, well-being focused Dementia, Alzheimers and Senior Citizen’s support organisation.

Borne from a personal family dementia journey with two parents currently living with the illness and one parent passed from it; our family has experienced the full spectrum of emotional, social and financial challenges dementia can present. There are no easy solutions or quick fixes to dealing with dementia, however, equipping one’s toolbox with valuable knowledge, effective tools and positive techniques, from WHICHEVER SOURCE BEST SUITES your own unique situation, is vital to be able to move past the emotional desperation the illness usually creates into a more objective, practical and dignified space of improved well-being for all.

Core focuses are to help bring services and support, across cultures and communities, closer to all people living with dementia and alzheimers and senior citizens in general.

With a charter of Unite | Educate | Respite, DROP’s multi-channel services platform includes…

Online Services Directory

A unique national online search feature for families needing to find vitally important help and services across a wide variety of categories.

Family Support Coaching, Caregiver Training, Talks and Workshops, Advisory and Consultancy.

These services are influenced and supported by an innovative and highly positive approach to understanding dementia, alzheimers and well-being in general. Developed in the UK by Penelope Garner of the Contented Dementia Trust, it offers a uniquely counter-intuitive and specialised approach to understanding the condition from the perspective of the person with the illness.

Community and Welfare Initiatives

We have tremendously exciting initiatives leaning more specifically towards dementia and alzheimers care and well-being under our UNITE | EDUCATE | RESPITE charter which include:

    Working to positively UNITE services for people and families living with dementia and alzheimers, by always promoting a mandate of unity and cooperation across all service sectors, and shining a spotlight on the pockets of really incredible excellence for others to aspire to.
    Channelling South African’s unique sense of community and resilience through like-minded partnerships with individuals, communities, businesses and organisations to help EDUCATE the need to…

    1. Strip away the deep layers of stigma, embarrassment, denial and guilt endemic in South African society.
    2. Expel the many myths and misunderstandings in local and rural communities that can often lead to tragic outcomes (dementia doesn’t discern by any social norm, let alone culture). Pioneering work is being done by others in this field and DROP’s deep sense of community will always aim to add value to this.
  • DROP IN | BY | OFF:
    A slightly longer-term initiative is to develop a unique aware and informed lifestyle RESPITE destination to include a Drop In Cafe, Drop By Therapy Centre and Drop Off Day Care Hub.

DROP gratefully welcomes donor support from individuals, communities, businesses and grant organisations to be able to expand and accelerate our work. No government funding is received.